Monday, May 26, 2008

Victorian rose necklace S$47.90/ 22 Pounds/ 27,60 Euros/ US$46

It's almost midnight and I'm wrecked. Still have lots of work to finish up for meetings tomorrow :( Oh how I wish I could make jewellery designing my full-time job! :P Maybe I'll be brave enough to take that leap in a few years' time. Right now, nope, no where near courageous enough!

Anyway back to the issue at hand, which is the necklace above- made out of a fimo (I think) flower, gold-coloured charms & white coral, this is a charming girly piece. Again, another unique one-of-a-kind piece- generally I prefer not to make more than1 of each item- what's the creativity in that? :)

Well off to bed now folks, do leave comments & feel free to drop me emails! :)

Chinese lace $39.90/ 18.40 Pounds/ 23 Euros/ US$38

Fashioned out of black agate and Chinese knots, this earring takes something traditional and gives it a modern twist.

Vic chic S$44.90/ 20,70 Pounds/ 26 Euros/ US$43

Czech flowers & onyx beads, what more can a girl ask for?

Apologies & thanks

Hi all! First of all, let me apologise for not updating this site for so long. I had a virus in my computer :( and couldn't log onto alot of applications- No MSN for 3 weeks, how did I survive!

Secondly, a kind soul has brought to my attention the fact tt only people with Google a/cs can comment on this pg- not very conducive to feedback! :) I have since corrected that mistake! Pls feel free to leave comments, good, bad, whatever! Obviously it'll be nicer to get good feedback than bad, but hey constructive criticism & all yeah? :)

And lastly & most importantly, I'd like to thank all the kind people who visited my stall at the Pines on Saturday. And to all those who bought something, an even bigger thank you! :) I really appreciate all your support and hope you will find many ocassions to wear the jewellery that you purchased fm me. It was a long & tiring Saturday, but definitely worth it! :)

Continue checking out this site to find out abt future events/ fairs tt I will be at. Even better, if u feel I should be at a particular fair- write in & let me know! :)

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Copper flower necklace A PRESENT FOR A FRIEND

I made the flower from copper wire, whilst the chains are made of coated base metal. The 3 turquoise beads are from Czechoslovakia- sadly I didn't go there to buy it! :P

Childhood S$34.90/ 14 pounds/ 17.5 Euros/ US$29

I love these 14k gold plated rocking horse charms! As a kid I always wanted a rocking horse- but never got one :( Aren't these charms ever so sweet?

I've made them slightly assymetrical, with the charms hanging at different positions. Oh by the way, although the charm is 14k gold plated, the chain is not! So do take note of tt please!

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Little bird sitting in a tree S$34.90/ 14 pounds/ 17.45 Euros /US$29

This earring measures about 7 cm, from the top of the hook to the bottom of the ring. Although it is entirely made of 14k gold plated charms and findings, it is not too heavy at all. (I've made some earrings before tt I really liked, but were a lil heavy :( )